Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris beserta Generic Structure

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris beserta Generic Structure

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Contoh narrative text bahasa Inggris dan generic structure. Foto: Christin Hume/Unsplash
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Narrative text adalah cerita nyata maupun fiktif yang bertujuan untuk menghibur pembacanya. Ada beragam contoh teks naratif, tetapi alur umumnya menuju pada sebuah puncak masalah dan berakhir dengan solusinya.

Generic structure of narrative text atau struktur teks naratif bahasa Inggris adalah orientation, complication, resolution, dan reorientation, seperti dikutip dari Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris untuk SMA/MA Kelas X oleh Aris Widaryanti, S.Pd., M.Hum.

Orientation adalah paragraf pembuka yang mengenalkan para tokoh cerita, suasana, atau latar tempatnya. Complication adalah masalah yang muncul dan berkembang di tengah narrative text.

Sementara itu, resolution adalah bagian teks yang menceritakan penyelesaian masalah. Adapun reorientation atau coda berisi pernyataan tentang cerita atau pelajaran yang dipetik dari kisah di narrative text.

Ada beragam jenis narrative text yang bisa dibuat, mulai dari fable, myth, legend, fairy tale, science fiction, hingga short story. Fabel berisi narasi pendek dengan tokoh hewan yang berbicara dan berperilaku seperti manusia. Kisah fabel memuat pesan moral untuk pembacanya.

Sementara itu, myth adalah kisah yang dipercayai sebagian orang, tetapi belum pasti kebenarannya. Beda halnya dengan myth, legend adalah kisah dari masa lalu yang juga belum pasti kebenarannya, tetapi menceritakan orang atau peristiwa terkenal, umumnya tentang bagaimana sebuah tempat atau sesuatu terbentuk.

Narrative text jenis fairy tale adalah cerita yang memuat keajaiban, termasuk adanya tokoh raksasa, peri, dan kurcaci. Sementara itu, science fiction memuat porsi sains yang cukup besar sebagai latar belakang atau dalam alur cerita keseluruhan.

Short story juga termasuk jenis narrative text. Teks narasi fiktif ini biasanya lebih pendek dari novel dan menceritakan lebih sedikit tokoh.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris dan Generic Structure tentang Orangutan

The Lost Baby of Orangutan

  • Orientation

One day at the forest in Borneo Island, there was a baby orangutan who lost his parents. He was so sad and he did not know how to find his parents.

He lost his parent after some humans broke the forest and his home to make an oil palm plantation. The baby orangutan was very angry and he disliked human so much.

  • Complication

He walked somewhere to find his parents even he did not know where. It was not easy for him because along of his trip, he found some predators that wanted to eat him.

Luckily he was safe and could run and hide at a high tree. In the night, he was lonely and he cried along the time. The cry made some birds felt pity of him.

In the morning, there was a bird that told him about his parents. The bird had seen his parent after traveling from the west side of the jungle. The bird said that his parents were caught by some humans and brought them at a house.

The baby orangutan was so angry hearing that story. He decided to walk to the west side to find the place where his parents were.

In his mind, he thought that all human was cruel and bad. He was afraid that the human would kill his parents. After long time walking, finally the baby orang utan came at a beautiful forest in which there was a human house with some big cage. The baby also saw a lot of orang utan lived there happily with some humans.

  • Resolution

He walked closer to the cage and saw his parents there. The baby orangutan cried and ran quickly to his parents. They were so happy because they could finally meet again.

The parents told the baby that the place was a home for all orangutans that had no home after the forest was torn down. They asked the baby whether he liked to stay there. He quickly agreed.

  • Reorientation

The sanctuary staff later found the family in a corner and put the baby into the rescue program. It made the baby orangutan believe again that there was still humanity in a human.

Sumber: Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris SMP/MTs Kelas 9 oleh Siti Arina Budiastuti, S.Pd., M.Pd. BI.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris dan Generic Structure tentang Prambanan

The Legend of Prambanan Temple

  • Orientation

Once, there was a kingdom named Prambanan with the King, Prabu Baka who had a beautiful daughter, Roro Jonggrang. The people lived peacefully. However, soon they were disturbed by Pengging Kingdom which was led by Bandung Bondowoso. He defeated and killed Prabu Baka during the war.

  • Complication

On seeing Princess Roro Jonggrang's beauty, Bandung Bondowoso fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. Meanwhile, the Princess felt sad due to her death. She did not want to marry Bandung as he had killed her father. On the other side, she as afraid of Bandung.

  • Resolution

So, to refuse politely, she made a condition.

"I will marry you but you have to build one thousand temples in one night as a wedding gift," requested Roro Jonggrang.

Bandung Bondowoso agreed with the condition. He then started to build the temples, helped by the spirits.

  • Complication

As the midnight went closer, the work would nearly be done. Roro Jonggrang knew and thought a way to beat Bandung.

  • Resolution

Suddenly she got an idea. She woke up all the women in the palace and ordered them to make the noisy sounds of grinding rice so the roosters thought that it had already been dawn.

  • Complication

Bandung Bondowoso became frustrated as he thought that he failed the completing the last one.

"The Princess has deceived me!" he shouted.

Following his wrath, he cursed Roro Jonggrang.

"As you have cheated, now the thousandth temple is you!"

  • Resolution

All at once, the Princess turned into a statue. Bandung Bondowoso suddenly regretted his anger and went away.

  • Reorientation

Until now, the temple with Roro Jonggrang statue is still standing in Prambanan area, Central Java. The temples built by Bandung Bondowoso are now called Sewu Temple or the Thousand Temple. In Javanese, sewu means a thousand.

Sumber: Buku Siswa Bahasa Inggris untuk SMA/MA Kelas X oleh Aris Widaryanti, S.Pd., M.Hum.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris dan Generic Structure tentang Lembusura


  • Orientation

Brawijaya was the king of Majapahit Kingdom. He had a daughter name Dyah Ayu Pusparani. She was very beautiful.

  • Complication

Many young men fell in love with her. However, she always refused their marriage proposals. King Brawijaya was sad. He really wanted to see his daughter to get married.

"You have to get married soon, my daughter," said King Brawijaya. He continued, "I'm getting older, I know you are looking for a great husband. I have an idea, I'm going to hold a competition. If a man can stretch Kyai Garudayaksa's bow and lift Kyai Sekardelima's gong, he will be your husband.

One by one men tried to stretch the bow and lifted the gong. No one succeeded. They were injured, their hands and backs were broken.

  • Resolution

King Brawijaya planned to stop the competition. He thought no one could win the competition. However, before he stopped it, a man came to him.

"Don't stop the competition now. I haven't tried it yet," he said.

  • Complication

Everyone was looking at him. He was very strange. His head was unlike human's head. He had a bull's head.

"What's your name?" asked the king.

"My name is Lembusura." answer the man.

  • Resolution

Then he tried to stretch the bow, he succeeded. The next test, he had to lift the gong. Again, he succeeded. Everybody applauded. They all were amazed by his power.

  • Complication

Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparani was sad. She never thought that she would marry a man who had a bull's head. King Brawijaya was also sad. But he had no choice. He had to keep his promise.

Later, he asked his men to prepare a wedding ceremony. The ceremony was getting closer and Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparini was devastated. She really wanted to cancel the wedding. She was thinking very hard.

  • Resolution

Finally she had an idea. She told his father to send off Lembusura to the top of Kelud.

"Father, ask Lembusura to make a well on the top of the mountain. The well is for me to take a bath," said Princess Dyah Ayu Pusparini.

King Brawijaya understood the plan. He asked Lembusura to go to the top of Kelud. Lembusura agreed. When he arrived, Lembusura dug the ground. He was digging until the hole was deep.

Suddenly, some soldiers pushed him into the hole and killed Lembusura. Lembusura was helpless as he could not do anything. Before he died he cursed the king.

"King Brawijaya, my revenge will hunt you down!"

  • Reorientation

Everybody in the kingdom was scared as the believed that Lembusura would eventually come after their king and the kingdom itself. Until now, every time Kelud erupts, people say that Lembusura is doing his revenge.

Sumber: Pasti Bisa Bahasa Inggris untuk SMA/MA Kelas X oleh Tim Ganesha Operation.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris tentang Telaga Pasir

The Legend of Telaga Pasir

  • Orientation

Once upon a time, there lived a husband and wife in the jungle of Mt. Lawu, East Java. They were Kyai Pasir and his wife Nyai Pasir. They lived peacefully.

Kyai Pasir was a farmer. He worked in a field. Nyai Pasir just stayed at home. Every day she cleaned up the house and cooked for them.

  • Complication

It was a beautiful morning, Kyai Pasir left the house and went to his field. While he was walking, he stumbled upon something. He looked at the thing carefully.

"What is this: Is this an egg? But what kind of egg is this? It's huge," he thought.

  • Resolution

Kyai Pasir put the egg back to the ground. He continued walking. At home, Kyai Pasir told his wife about the egg.

  • Complication

"Why didn't you bring the egg home?" asked Nyai Pasir.

"It's really big. I felt really strange about the egg," explained Kyai Pasir.

"If the egg is really big, then we both can eat. Please bring the egg home, Kyai," asked Nyai Pasir.

  • Resolution

On the following days, Kyai Pasir went to the field as usual. He planned to bring the egg home as his wife's request. Kyai Pasir was walking carefully, he did not want to stumble upon the egg for the second time. He looked around. And aha! He found the egg. He carefully brought the egg home.

"Nyai, this is the egg I told you," said Kyai Pasir.

"You are right, Kyai. The egg is big. I wonder what animal has this egg," she said.

Nyai Pasir did not wait for long to boil the egg, And when it was done, they both ate the egg. They both felt very full. And it made them very sleepy. Not long after that they fell a sleep.

In the morning Kyai and Nyai Pasir woke up as usual. Kyai Pasir took a bath then he went to the field.

  • Complication

On the way to the field, he felt so uncomfortable. His skin were itchy.

He stretched his body. Suddenly, he felt his throat so hot. He badly needed water. He was screaming in pain.

He was so shocked as he saw his skin changed into scales. Just like scales of reptile. He touched his head. He felt something was growing on his head. He was completely shocked. A horn was growing.

He also had a tail. His body slowly getting bigger. He changed into a dragon!

Meanwhile, at home Nyai Pasir also felt the same. She was so panicked. She was screaming. She was running to the feld. She wanted to look for her husband.

When she arrived at the field, she saw a dragon was moving his body on the ground. Slowly Nyai Pasir also changed into a dragon. The two dragons were trying to walk but they were too weak to do that.

  • Resolution

They just could move their bodies on the ground. They moved their bodies and it made a very big hole. The hole was getting deeper and the water came out. In no time, the hole became a lake.

  • Reorientation

Since then, people named the lake as Telaga Pasir to as a reminder not to pick what's not theirs.

Contoh Narrative Text Bahasa Inggris tentang Gunung Batur

Legend of Lake and Mount Batur

  • Orientation

It is believed that there was once a giant as tall as a mountain who roamed the island, called Kbo Iwo. He would help the Balinese people to build temples and villages, dig ditches, and cut terraces out of of the hillsides for rice paddies. All he asked for in return for his help was food.

  • Complication

His appetite was enormous, however, and there was never enough food to satisfy him. His hunger would sometimes make him angry and he would destroy the things that he helped to build and then eat the villagers.

One day, the harvest was failed and the people could barely eat, let alone feed the giant. This angered Kbo Iwo so much that he rampaged across the island, killing and destroying everything in sight until all the homes, rice fields, and temples were ruined.

  • Resolution

The people begged Kbo Iwo to help rebuild the temples, homes, and rice fields that he had destroyed in his rampage. The giant agreed and worked at replacing everything that he had destroyed.

  • Complication

Without him knowing, Kbo Iwa was still hated by the people. They asked him to build a well and he started digging. As he dug, the soil piled up high next to the well, as high as a mountain.

The people then gave him food and it made him sleepy. He later slept in the well. Whilst he was sleeping, people poured a huge amount of sticky substance down the well and it set.

  • Resolution

Kbo Iwa was unable to escape as the well was filled with water. The water soon overflowed to become a lake.

  • Reorientation

Today, many believe that the lake is Lake Batur, Bali's largest lake. The pile of earth that Kbo Iwo dug out of the well is believed to be Mount Batur, Bali's third largest volcanic mountain.

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